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Our History

SystemAire, Inc. was incorporated by its Founder, Phillip R. Sams, in December 1966. Since that time, the company has concentrated on the design/build commercial and industrial HVAC market.

SystemAire employs various trades including union pipe fitters, sheet metal workers, electricians, and teamsters. The employment varies with the workload. However there are generally 20-25 people for office support staff, and 50-100 union tradesmen employed in the service and installation division.

As a full service company, SystemAire offers a complete range of engineering, sheet metal, pipefitting, HVAC controls, certified air and water balancing, service maintenance contracts, backflow prevention, regular service, and the ancillary services these categories imply.

For many years, the company has maintained a full engineering department that currently includes four (4) registered professional engineers, and two (2) designer/draftsmen. In conjunction with design/build engineering efforts, the company maintains a broad coverage of errors and omissions insurance.

In addition, the marketing and operations divisions are largely staffed by graduate engineers. SystemAire as a company does work on a nationwide basis with largest concentration of this work being done in the metropolitan St. Louis area. In recent years, SystemAire has also completed projects in over twenty (20) states, including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Texas, to name a few.
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